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Anxiclear Night


sional neighbours. With the small portion which I reserved to myself, I

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he d\escribes, which allows the walls of the vagina to come in contact. His

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excision of the shoulder was one which must vary according to the extent

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From George Combe, Esq,^ An Enquiry into the Influence of Physical

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bones ; hearing on this side appeared to be entirely destroyed ; pains insup-

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about the house ; and what is remarkable, evinced a strong desire or craving

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tubes with rubber joint in outlet tube to give flexibility.

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taste to another, then there is a different power and a different effect from

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Retort, Infusible Bohemian Glass, with two bulbs, as used for making oxygen.

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put on a pustular appearance^ but i^o mitigation of the pruritus, nx>r indeed

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advice of M. Serres, Member of the Institute of France, and one of the most

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quently been executed with success by M. Duval, of Paris.

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before; this dressing I also removed in twenty-four hours. After the first

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If we now take up the question again at a higher point, we are in some

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