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Arize Clinic


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The diagnosis and explanations appeared so reasonable and so con-

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Balance, Analytical, Rueprecht, as above, but with shortci- beaut, i.e., 150 mm long; 200 grams capacity.

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ment a very small quantity of live steam is required to

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Kjeidahl Digesting Shelf, Electric, same as No. 409GS bat with individual electric heaters. Voltage

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and prepare for a more accurate and harmonious action of the different organs.

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number of permutations and combinations possible covers the requirements of almost any prob-

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25335. Covers, only, for crucibles No. 25334 and 25336.

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rrngrai>}iv ^^■ith high power objectives of wide aperture.

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zontal extends to the upper border of the sixth rib in the mam-

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the chair of chemistry to that of materia medica, in the place of Dr. Short;

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form or benzole is placed in the inside vessel in which the wire basket is suspended. Cool water

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men, but especially about the inguinal and umbilical regions, which, when

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on percussion over the area of the fluid, increased tympany on

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surfaces being attended with the effusion of coagulable lymph, the sides of

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racter of the ulcer, from an ill-conditioned, spreading sore, to one of a florid,

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of the nature and connections of the abdominal tumour in

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tion he thought that tents introduced into the rectuminight perhaps fulfil

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night. On the day of admission. Dr. Patterson sounded and

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the riofht side, there is a strumous looking cicatrix, but there

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The main thing is to be thorough, consistent and persevering. If you

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for five hours, after which 1 cc of each tray was tested. All four tests remained free from germs.

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protestants or evangelicos in a derogatory way; and

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the other bones and joints of the foot. In this case (showing a recent

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the teeth both in the first and second dentition. I shall not enlarge on ^his

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active period of adult life which was most liable to Addison's

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the antiphlogistic remedies were tried by her physician with but very slight

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" wise and kindly, courageous under trial, witty but without

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severe, and one concretion was coughed up with so much difficulty as to

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in detecting the filarice, many dozens of samples of blood and

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Groningen, was consulted, who trepaned the patient above the right e^r, at

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pain ipras less after the cU{)ping; sleeps well ;^ appetite improved ;• felt d

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where the fracture is lugh up, and in Which I have no doubt that other

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Balance, Physical-Analytical, Staudinger. Recommended as a Balance of great precision with large

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