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li. M., Trin* CoL Catnb. &«. &c. 8v<^, pp. 286. Ten plates. Londoe, 1838.

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confined to one spot above the left orbit, as is the case now.

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mostly confined to the country, where pathological investigatiqn must, from

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and fixed it upon the bare skin in the umbilical region, so that it lay

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" There are other advantages^ whicb^ though, they be of a subordinate

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s Reports of Cases adjudged in the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, in the Eastern

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A Ball remaining in the Head Eighteen Year$}-'k cavahy officer \iras

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examination of the urine will show the presence of lead. Cramps

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ask with him — " can science hope for a richer harvest, or philanthropy a

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Experiment 3d. Three and a half grains arsenic given to a small dog,

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front, undivided, for balancing the bottle or containers.

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