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to 8 phragm so mounted as to be readily detached if desired and

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to sleep again. It is nearer the state of the pupil in natiu'al

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alternate day to the lower part of spine ; and strychnine, gr. }, four times a

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young and artful females, who have been performing incredible acts under

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for me if it could accomplish such wonders as that. The result in my own

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that death from chloroform sometimes resulted from the falling

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costatis were connected by extensive and firm adhesions. Both lungs

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had been established a cabbage leaf wa^ applied over the surface, and this,

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new words to discuss this subject fully, from the Chinese standpoint, as the

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mixture, the patient fell asleep, and slept for thirty hours. In

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through a regulating ventilator on the top. A special " Inside MeasurcmenU Duly Free Dutr Paid

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phia was given in divided doses. The illusions continued.

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and had an attack of tonsilitis, which poisoned my whole system, but through

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cerebral symptoms. In another communication the same

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years, and had been treated by some of the best physicians both in the east

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who have been for some time suffering from chronic diseases, than in those

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a very decided strumous taint, as is evidenced by cicatrices

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causes the rapid evaporation of the moisture in the earth, producing malaria

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opening of the abdominal parietes Was, therefore, enlarged by half an inch,

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seized with a shivering Qt^ h>llowed by general tetanus^ which soon termi-

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all the appearances of common artificial stumps, with the other

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Homcepathic- Medical Society was held on Thursday evening, November 4, at

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direction of the right shoulder, and remains in that position

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The cases above cited derive additional support from one detailed to me

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indicated in the same cases. The employment of the roots of other species

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patient quite himself again, with the exception of an undefined expression

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Ocular, Abbe Stereoscopic, by the use of which any of the Zeiss Stands may be converted

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the atmosphere. Neither have we any proof, if the electrical equilibrium is

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labelefd. This he rook<atoBee in a little dry sugar^ ^nd wahed until day-

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medical skill. Another good result is the benefit that will come to the peo-

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tions ; the latter improving, but slowly, after eight or ten days I stopped the

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of its upper surface. Around the margin of the upper surface is a small groove which is filled

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erence should be given to one of the three last named sources. The

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sidedness of the bronchial irritation, no prolonged expiratory

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general, and no attempt is made to differentiate the effects of

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to increase his allowance of wine. He returned to town, took less wine

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sight, emaciation, &c., but the diminution or disappearance of these symp-

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