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New Biofreeze Ingredients


of CUa in air. The standard apparatus tor investigations of ventilating and other sanitary con-

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considerable, is the most dangerous, as it keeps the pulmonary

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discbarge decreased, digestive functions ifnproved, strength and health

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nitrogen, urea and ammonia in blood, urea in urine, etc., by the methods of Dr. Otto Folin.

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Apparatus for the Determination of Electro-Motive Force by the Potentiometer Method

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instance by the entrance of air into the veinsj" cries M. Maugeis, " what

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asual methods, whether on the mercurial or non-xnercurial plan, the Phyto-

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Patient never completely rallied ; his pulse ranged from 116 to

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Each 52.50 57.50 80.00 87.50 140.00 190.00 225.00 270.00

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and free use of the datura, and enjbyed a perfect remidsipn trom the epileptic

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The treatment has been by iodide and bromide of potassium ;

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under test — being more dense that the first in certain parts and less so in others, there being

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I have been very glad for some time to live near Dr. Foo, for whenever I

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farther pain or inconvenience, a sood supply of milk, and the child, neglect-

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may occur on ori0 side and suppuration of the ear on the. opposite ; but there

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who ate the milk boiled were not sick. The next day Mrs. Jones asked Dr.

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Rundschau 1904, ^f- !S. and Gesundheils-Ingenienr Z

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Lunatic Hospital at Worcester, Dec, 1837j 8vo, pp. 71. Boston, 1838.

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daily food from the animal and vegetable kingdoms, but there is no mineral

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At this time, after having been about six hours iniabour, the head of the

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This book is offered to the public in the belief that it discusses matters of

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Mrs. Humphrey knew nothing of Dr. Foo. the doctor having only a few

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tion, and may perhaps be allowed to refer to them here.

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The Humphrey family has lived in Los Angeles for several years, and is how

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3000° F. and with a glaze impervious to gases, but which must always be heated up slowly in

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portion could be supplied with air only through the cavity, for nq continuous

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Bunsen, .s.Tnic construction as No. 22S16 but with lube '> inch in ilianieter siiviim a much larger

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abli' writing points for both ink and smoked paper.

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alloy from which this wire is made does not oxidize at high temperatures or become brittle with repeated

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fltisk heater and sand bath. The hot plate is removable and either the sand bath or flask

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feme,^ ar^ disposed to consider its properties in this point as specificaL

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be expected ; but respecting the position of Lieut C. in front of the oairiage

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vesications; and, in the phlegmonous variety of the disease, by the suppura-

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membership, and a letter was read from Mrs. Frances F. Mann, expressing

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rate sized frame. Decubitus dorsal ; expression cerebral ; lies dozing, with

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culty between the Chinese societies, the Sam Yups and the See Yups, in San

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consistency and reasonableness of this method, and I hope everybody who

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ing smooth false membrane. The tissue between the pleura and the walls

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cats or monkeys, and yet 115,000 men are killed here in one day. What can

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