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test a red liquid containing colloidal gold is decolorized if the

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Feedinu Mechanism— Oporated by liand; consists of aecuratelv cut miiTO meter screw of 0,,i mm pitch, provided with a disc

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After we left the hot springs, he said, we went from one part of the

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evident.* This even Dr. Blundell is constrained to admit, though his horror

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August 2d. — Actaea increased to fifty drops .four times a day. Limbs less

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The lenses are of 31 mm aperture and 210 mm focal length for X= 300;U)n. The beam of light

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XJriiversity of Maryland, I was enabled to give him the hydrated pBcoxide of

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to nothing, and would go away itself. He advised me to rub a little liniment

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28604. Funnels, Aseptic Enamel Ware. Of seamless steel, white enameled, both acid and fire proof. With

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complexion, vigorous make, and sanguineo-cboleric temperament, has

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year without accident, and about this period ^nishea her second dentition.

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Astacus buviatllia, — Longitud. ._ __ . . . _ .... _. .

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