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Vestal Virgins, and the Celibate Monks, with all their

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future orders. They usually have a room in the upper parts of their estab-

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Fig. 4 shows diagrammatically the path of the rays. The rays emitted by the source of light are

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freely, and had vomited once or twice in the course of the in^ht 5 but his

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Th^ syrup is a valuable medicine for children, and M. Cuynat has admi-

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any fluid to pass through them, and hence the increased quantity lowing to

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will yield to the herbal treatment. Among these are inflammation in the

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ELECTRO CARDIOGRAPHIC OUTFIT. Cambridge Scientific Instrument Company Outfit No. 2, reconinieuded

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could observe all the functions of the body and its vitals organs. He had a

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