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tory was given, to be repeated every four hours. Patient had

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The omentum itself had been very much injured. It was

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that it shows the conservatism which permeates the school

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tion, which I shall point out in proposing the theory of the successful prac-

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to the stomach and digestion soon causes fermentation of the food, as already

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cept Dr. Stoddard, and he would have been if he had not feared that he would

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collaboration with the "Vatican's Bank," is confirmed

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Professor Broussais,-^Thi8 celebrated individual, whose opinions have

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in summer, to the day nui'ses. Ladies and nurses not connected

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She was admitted to the Western Infirmary on 25th July,

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or any othep form of argumentatiye appeal, for it is too securely ensconced

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the abdomen, with a history of prolonged constipation. The

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"Notwithstanding these objections, I prefer this apparatus to any other

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independently of the presence of the cyst, may ultimately

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found out these same things through the use of the microscope. So I know

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"In this way you. may read or listen without danger of being misled by

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menced, and consequently at a time when the knowledge, thus obtained

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the 100 micro thin sections; size of specimens 6| x 84- cm; duty free. . , 60.00

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of Cologne* — A man advanced in years, of sound constitution, suffered fre-

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A lever wasjrmly.attached, to the outer side of the thigh, and ^e extendi

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Ultrafiltration Apparatus, Bechhold, as used in the Kgl. Institut fur Experiment. Therapie, Frankfurt,

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mometers of class corresponding to the range required, and for use with Thermocouples. Consisting

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The insanity would seem to have been caused by an incautious expres-

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But after it had run down into his feet he felt no more chills and fever. Still,

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would do us the most harm. It is an odd thing, if you will stop to think of it,

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