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to meet the requirements of the case. We are prepared, however, to furnish standard equipments, for both labora-

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aroused to know what I had taken, and I asked Dr. Foo. He replied that

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with mercury and iodide of potassium, which would clearly do

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of the obstetrician. Dr. Gordon, we may also mention, had

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Half an inch below the valves a deposit of the same character was found,

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for which I had, at different times, doctored with five different leading physi-

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Felsach, in Upper Austria. — A scrofulous child, three years of age, had for

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portion of a rarified bone taken or brought down from the

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cally controls the entry of warm water from the hf itni^

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burner, small flask, pipette and a thermometer holder.

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recently the text books of physiology gave his views only a

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When admitted she was greatly excited — incessantly talking, laughing, and

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lowed, as his model, his illustrious master. We are informed by the able

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the poison from the flesh, the nerves or the muscles it will return to the out-

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substances which promise to be useful. These are isobutyl

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display the remaining parts. For more detailed description send for a copy of Zeiss Micro 325. The

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ferent roots, then you can trace one color from the stems and the leaves to

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lasted an hour. Never have I seen so much time wasted in

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IS placed in a small tube of straw, or ii^ a small quill, and this is formed

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with the Chinese system of medicine and with Dr. Foo. I knew several

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of the affected muscle, and extending it about five inches, in a semi-lunar

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Licentiate of the Royal College of Physicians in Ireland. 8vo, pp. 168.

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but their treatment was not as satisfactory; for I tried a great many reme-

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occasioned byinflammation, gangrene, and sloughing of the vagina, pro.duced by the

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nomena. ' M. Rozet, in his " Voyage dans la Regence d'Algir,^^ says,

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will bear considerable pressure. The surface is covered by entire and sound

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occasionally to produce erysipelatous inflammation, especially when applied

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Oven, Double Wall, for Vacuum, for gas heating, cylindrical form. Space iaetwecn the walls may be tilled

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sunset in the neighbourhood of Algiers. White flames were seen at the

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chemistry iij the University of Maryland, is, if not perfectly satisfactory,

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strain or fatigue. It consists of two plane mirrors with their backs inclined

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a central asperity^ or elevation, immediately below the anus, marked by a

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