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pulse ; he found it to be about 40. On the I6th of March, i^ the present

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patient cannot now speak above a whisper, and it appears as

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became more calm and pleasant, and was occasionally taken out to labour;

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issued forth in a stream, at first clear, and afterwards a little tinged with

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friendly and close relations with Li Po Tai for the two years immediately

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that the shoots or sprouts may the more easily come into the air. The bulb

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with a deep groove cut in at equal distance from ends to serve ;is a diaphiatrin; ends of cylinder

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(lies and having a capacity of about one liter. Fitted

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24412. Charts, Botanical, Kny, on heavy chart paper, printed in colors, 69 x S5 cm, with explanatory text.

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used foi a gieat variety of work in connection with studies in both emissions and absorption

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seen projecting from the base of the cranium into the sulcus between the

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breath, coated tongue, distress from food, sour stomach and

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Kange 100° C, 150" C. 200° C. .360*^ C. 212° F. 300° F. 400° F. 600° F.

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