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Department of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics


Aims and Objectives 

  • To obtain proper clinical history, methodical case examination and diagnostic and treatment planning.
  • To adopt ethical principles in all aspects of orthodontic practice.
  • Competence in managing various techniques and the fabrication and use of various appliance systems: removable, fixed, functional and surgical.



  • Respect of professional colleagues and the patient’s rights and privileges.
  • Willingness to adopt and interpret critical assessment, new methods and techniques being developed for the betterment of patients.
  • Professional honesty and integrity.
  • Willingness to share knowledge and clinical experience with professional colleagues.


About The Department

  • The Department commenced in the year 1998 with an intake of 60 undergraduate students. The First batch of BDS students passed out in the year 2004. This specialty is headed by Prof. Anju Loomba.
  • The Clinical wing is divided into the undergraduate and postgraduate sections. An undergraduate student is initially introduced to the basics of orthodontics by means of lectures, seminars, and discussions from the 3rd year onwards.
  • We have a reference library in the department, with all the latest books and journals.
  • The Department has an out patient turnover of 50 patients daily. The various treatment modalities carried out in the department are fixed appliances (Removable and fixed) & Dentofacial orthopedics.
  • There are 18 dental chairs out of which five are executive chairs and are equipped with, light cure units and a six-way syringe unit to help and enhance the quality of work by our postgraduates who use these chairs to their utmost.


PG Programme 

Since 2005, 3 years PG Training programme affiliated to Dr. RML Avadh University with annual intake of two postgraduates.

  • At the department, we do not belong to a particular orthodontic religion, which worships any single appliance. We believe “An appliance should be for a patient and not a patient for an appliance.”
  • We have a wonderful laboratory with an amazing collection of instruments and different types of equipment to proceed with any modification of orthodontic appliances. We have a well-experienced orthodontic technician to keep it performing at maximal efficiency.
  • Every student is trained in the meticulous application of different treatment modalities that ranges from the conventional approach of functional appliances to standard edgewise technique to the recent refined pre-adjusted technique along with the combined orthodontic surgical approach.
  • Strict emphasis is given to proper diagnosis and treatment planning and regular seminar are held in collaboration with various other specialties to conform with treatment planning required in disciplinary.
  • The academic activities involved are state of art presentations of case, discussions, seminars and journal discussions by every postgraduate student, which is considered for internal assessment.
  • Dissertations, which are partial fulfillment of the MDS universities examinations, are carried out by the Postgraduates under the supervision of their respective guides.

It is compulsory for all PG students to present a poster/paper at the Indian orthodontic society conference held annually. They are required to attend seminars, symposiums and continuing orthodontic education programs and workshops.



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