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Department of Dental Materials Sciences

About Us

The Department was established and is functioning since 1998 along with establishment of Saraswati Dental College. Since then the department is being continually refined.

This course will provide students with knowledge of dental materials, enabling them to understand links between materials and dentistry. In addition in will help them in understanding interfaces, biocompatibility, surface modifications and their characterization, and how these elements play a vital role in the success of dentistry.

Research Activities

Application of material science to dentistry as a subject which is growing recently. Certain dental materials, notably amalgam restorative materials and titanium implant materials, have already been used and researched significantly. The current research emphasis is on tooth coloured dental restorative material and nano-sized particles being incorporated into restorative and rehabilitative materials.

A fully accredited animal facility located in the same college building.


  • Large and well lit, centrally gas connected Dental Material lab with a seating capacity of 120 students.
  • Attached Plaster room, well equipped with model trimmers, heavy duty lathes, casting equipments, acrylizers and instant water heaters.
  • Store: Well stocked with various Dental Materials.
  • Space allocated for upcoming Dental Materials Museum.
  • Provision of Steel lockers to be allotted to individual students for storing instruments and files.

Teaching Methods 

  • Lectures of one hour each conducted on four days week basis.
  • Air conditioned Lecturer Hall (Well Type), well equipped with state of the art audio-visual aids.
  • Hands-on training of all the Dental Materials in a systematic manner in accordance to DCI norms.
  • Bi-monthly student teachers interaction along with exposure to new Dental Materials launched in the market.
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