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Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

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Artical on 'Demineralised bone implants in treatment of post surgical jaw defects: A Study of 40 Cases' published in 'Journal of Maxillofacial & oral Surgery 2008'<%'=rsw("msg")%>

International Journal and National Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial surgery publishes our case reports <%'=rsw("msg")%>

About us 

The Department of oral and maxillofacial surgery came into existence in the year 2000 since then the department has achieved high academic standards under the able guidance of professors like Proff. Munish Kohli, Proff. R. S. Bedi, Assoc. Proff. Dr. L. C. Gupta.

The Department started the post graduation programme in the year 2005, which was the 1st amongst private colleges in the state of   U. P.



The Department boasts of an indoor major and minor O. T. with 4 bedded post–op and 10 bedded ward both for male and female patients. 

The O. T. is equipped with all equipments to undertake any oral maxillofacial procedure. 

An independent library with exclusive oral and maxillofacial surgical books and journals are available for the faculty members and postgraduates. 

High professional standards are maintained at undergraduate and postgraduate level which includes clinical teaching, practical demonstrations, discussions, and lectures for under graduates, seminars, journal clubs, discussions and clinical teaching for the postgraduates.


Treatment Facilities available include: 

Minor procedures:

·         Simple extractions

·         Orthodontic extractions

·         Transalveolar extractions

·         Surgical removal of the impacted tooth

·         Biopsies

·         Surgical excision of benign pathologies

·         Enucleation and marsupialization of cysts

·         Apicoectomies

·         Transplantation of Teeth

·         Pre-prosthetic procedures including alveoloplasties etc

·         Bone grafting for bone defects

·         Incision and drainage

·         Implant placement

Major procedures:

·         Oro-maxillofacial Trauma

·         Maxillary sinus procedures

·         T. M. J. ankylosis

·         Treatment of large pathology by resection and reconstruction

·         Orthognathic surgery

·         Precancerous lesions

·         Cleft lip and palate

·         Nasal deformity correction

·         Distraction

·         Osteotomies

·         Sequestration

·         Bone grafting procedures

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