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Department of Prosthodontics












About Us

Prosthodontics is that branch of dentistry pertaining to the restoration and maintenance of oral function, comfort, appearance and health of the patient by the restoration of the natural teeth and for the replacement of the missing teeth and contiguous oral and maxillofacial tissue with artificial substitutes.


Mission Statement

The Department of Prosthodontics will support Saraswati Dental College Hospital, Lucknow, through nationally renowned educational programs, relevant Clinical and Basic sciences research program, State-of-the-art primary, secondary and tertiary patient care. Effective services at the college, community, regional and national levels.


The Department

The Department was established in 1997. Since then the department has developed, following the "Standard Operating Procedure" with a fore sighted visionary approach for the every sector of the department.

The Department of Prosthodontics provides Undergraduate and Postgraduate, instructions, patient care and conducts research covering many discipline making up the broad specialty of Prosthodontics. These disciplines include Fixed, Removable, Maxillofacial, Implant Prosthodontics and Occlusion.

Undergraduate Section
The section started functioning in the year 1997 along with the establishment of the Institute.
    Currently 35 manually operated chairs are presented in the department. Approximately 1000 patients attend the department every month for free removable dentures, overdentures and fixed Prosthodontics. Various improvements like additional stericlaves, water distiller benches with lathe, working trolleys, superior featured dental chairs and fully functional attached plaster room etc. have been made recently. The section contains a large patient's waiting lounge with sufficient number of chairs.
    The laboratory has a sitting work capacity for 120 students. An attached large plaster cum casting room has been provided. The Laboratory is well equipped with individual Bunsen burners and micro-motor connections.
Good natural and artificial lighting arrangement is available for excellent visibility. The lab has good running casting facilities. Additional bench lathes, Model trimmers & vibrators have been installed recently.
Postgraduate Section
The section became functional in the year 2006 with the start of the postgraduate courses in the subject and admission of 3 students for MDS course.

The section holds a Resident's room, Seminar hall with all modern audiovisual aids, Departmental library, Faculty chambers hooked up with online internet facility of the college, Large patient's waiting lounge with sufficient number of chairs.

    Currently 7 electronically operated chairs are present in the department. Additionally the department has an inbuilt Air-conditioned Minor OT which is fully equipped for multi specialty jobs. Various improvements like front loading stericlaves, motorized suctions, air conditioning etc have been introduced for the PG clinic. About 20 patient attended the clinic daily for multifarious prosthodontic needs.
  I Fully equipped and functional casting room consisting of model dryers, pre heat furnace, induction casting machine, high speed lathes, sand blaster, laser pin setter, lingual trimmers and duplicating equipment etc.
  II Fully equipped and functional ceramic lab (Dentsply Touch and Press Furnace and Ceramco kit) being operated by trained laboratory staff.
    Fully functional workstation for PG students (Separate working benches for each student) fitted with phantom heads and typhodonts, gas burners and proper lighting.

The Curriculum


Prosthodontics as the course curriculum, (which follows strict DCI norms) in the Undergraduate program is designed to provide strong theoretical and clinical background in Prosthodontics, enabling the students to treat completely or partially edentulous patients. Students are the taught systematic sequential procedures for fabrication of complete and removal dentures with emphasis on biomechanical compatibilities.

Foundation knowledge and techniques are taught by lectures, video and demonstrations that are correlated with the student's laboratory exercises.

Apart from the routine clinical, assignments are given to make charts and present seminars on the PowerPoint as part of academic curriculum.



A student enrolling with the three year Master of Dental surgery in Prosthodontics, at the Department of Prosthodontics, Saraswati Dental College, undergoes a rigorous training program. This program is to enable highly motivated individual students with proven scholarship, clinical and technical abilities to achieve excellence in the specialty of Prosthodontics.

Clinical Training

Clinical training is provided to the postgraduate students to treat a variety of complex Prosthodontics patients including Medically Compromises Patients, Geriatric Patients & Patients Requiring Maxillofacial and Implant Rehabilitation.

Didactic Training

Seminars on Basis Sciences and Prosthodontics are held twice a week under each head respectively. These seminars provide exposure to historically relevant scientific lecture in various subject areas associated with prosthodontics and related sciences.  Periodic and critical abstracting of this lecture is accomplished by seminar attendees in order to maintain a database of condensed, topic oriented summaries. It is also mandatory for a postgraduate student to participate in journal club, actively, which is held once a week. Journal Club provides a mechanism for serving major dental periodicals to identify important activities, reviewing those articles and discussing each article in an open seminar format. The above schedule is necessary to stay abreast of ever expending volume of prosthodontic lecture.

Preclinical Training

This training encompasses accomplishment of exercise work in complete dentures, cast partial dentures, maxillofacial prosthetics, crown and bridge work under the strict supervision of MDS faculty.

Teaching Responsibilities

Each PG student gains teaching experience by participating as an instructor in both clinical and laboratory prosthodontics for UG students.

Research Activities

Each PG student is to engage in research as an integral part of their training. The student is expected to complete an original research project. It is also expected out of the student to submit a library dissertation on a allocated topic.

Continuing Dental Education Programs

The staff and the postgraduate students are encouraged to attend Continuing Dental Education Programs regularly.



Recent Developments

  1. Attendance of MDS Ist Year students at prosthodontic CDE Meet at DJ Dental College, MODI Nagar UP, August 2006

  2. Paper Presentation: (By Post Graduate Ist year Students)

    1. Dr. Jyoti Rastogi
      Topic - Controversies regarding Face Bow.
      At - Indian Prosthodontic Society Conference, Kanyakumari, 2nd to 5th November 2006.

    2. Dr. Subodh Singh
      Topic - Controversies regarding Hing Axis.
      At - Indian Prosthodontic Society Conference, Kanyakumari, 2nd to 5th November 2006.

    3. Dr. Sulabh Kumar
      Topic - Articulators a Historical  Review.
      At- Indian Dental Association Conference, Kanpur, 2nd to 5th November 2006.


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