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Many persons present themselves laboring under excitement and suspicion

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the practitioner; and that when used without skill or necessity, they expose

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throw it off and remove it through the skin. If they simply use a strong

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not the smallest opening for the escape of the uterine secretions. The labia

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case to prove that the best medicines may be unsuccessful with certain subr

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well for two years^ when the sudden death of one of his servants so afibcted

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to a most engaging range of medical philosophy, while it discloses many

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far as the Old Vennel, where it ended at a gateway known as

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tions to the free action of the heart, lessens the struggles of that organ to

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arresting the onset of several attacks of ague. Patient was

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The second of these testimonials is from the Weekly News, Mon Heng &

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for neuralgia of the face and throat, was recommended by Mr. Pennington

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completely across, th^ entrance anil exit of the. knife being marked by cica-

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fool feels it not : the occasion of an offence may possibly be given, but he

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Mailmg Case, with screw cap, for convenient mailing of No. 29492 gas collecting tubes 15

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n&t' enlarged. In the cellular membrane, in the fork formed by the biflirca^

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Dishes, Crystallizing, New Jena Glass, low form, with spout.

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can be laid direct on the spectrograms to read off the wavelengths. They are prepared to

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Crucibles, Pure Nickel. Theae are very superior to the ordinary article in which the manganese con-

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unable to relieve. They conjectured that there was a stoppage of the

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are not the worst part of the evil under such circumstances. The inflamed

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it cannot be made to burn into a flame. So the weakened human body will

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lished and subsidence of infection by adequate drainage.

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and medication sec, art having proved fruitless in their treatment, they

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not uncommon and are found unsuspected in operating for

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thought it was enough, and quit It did not take me long to see my mis-

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tem previously pursued ! how clearly by his reasonings did he satisfy those

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43.'>40. Pipette. Syringe, Woithe, for bacteriological and serological work. Complete with precision pipette Ice

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selection of his objections; for as to the first, one of the most commonly

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