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and. that, as Andral suggests, many cases of asthma, which are supposed to

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The Foo and Wing Herb Company, Los Angeles — Gentlemen: On the

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In appearance, she was cachectic, pallid, with a wearied

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about a month with quotidiftn iotermittent. At first the paroxysm occuned

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methodical and full inyestigation of the origin, nature, and progress of this

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On the occasion referred to, however, the patient had persuaded her attend-

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mercury, arterial pulsations at vnrii-",]'; rirr^'ii^ni-os and time tracing, while the fourth tracing may be

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the whole matter. Chronic heart disease, especially if associated

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mose as the arteries do — indeed their valves would efiectually prevent a

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extreme tolerance of hydrate of chloral are given in the 3Ied.

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appear hpon the field of his useful labours/ and after he has passed away,

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illustration which is intended to work on accumulators.

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You stated, that if, in woman, you were shown merely a face short and

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METALLOGRAPHIC MICROSCOPE, REICHERT. The advantage of this instrument is the manner in which

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scale, and with an internal resistance of 6 ohms and a sensibility of .0002 milliampere = 1° of

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camph., aq. cinAam.*aa 3 iii* Sumat cochleare magnum 'quiique. horIL

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bony substance. The articulations of the fifth, sixth, and

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Mafia. In their book "Holy Terror," the authors Flo

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resting fact,—" Whether the child breathed or not after its expulsion can-

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concluded, therefore, that the hoarseness was in part owing to a sympathetic

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The symptoms of absorbed virus then went on to exhibit themselves in

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determining whether rickets was an affection more common

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"I have recently submitted 216 children at the Foundliiig Hospital to the

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