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names I can now recall. There were many others whose names I do not

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vn subjects, and was driven into the wilderness, where he starved to

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with whom he consulted as to the correctness of his views, and the justness

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deformity had been very great, but the cure was perfectly

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the Medical College of the State of S. C, Nov. 12, 1838. By Professor S.

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all. He would, however, be a little afraid that the joint might

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placed in the most favourable situation for recovery, a number

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Conductivity Cell, Kohl rausch -Hoi born, for poor conductors, with vertical

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rities in the raw water, are largely liberated and escape

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was about 6 inches in diameter. At two or three spots on

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V the water, food, liquids and customs are all different from the ^

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midwifery, practice of medicine, and materia medica.

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him in ihis country. It might not now be of much practical importance 40

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of the arm, but no wound. Notwithstanding the effusion

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The following letter froib a respectable physician in this state affords

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enabled to offer these Flasks for immediate shipment from our stock at original net factory

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ing, in effect, that if this were true Dr. Foo knew more than all the great

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Vatican and, consecuently, of the Catholic Church in

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been over distended, yet they have been able to bear the

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firmly adhering coacretions from the air-tubes, warm inhalations of ether

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