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Young chicken, pullets are preferable, as the meat is less strong and less likely

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tlic temperature of adjustment being engraved on each instrument.

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of th« penis, strips of adhesive plaster are the means I have adopted, looped,

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diaphragm on deep inspiration. In the broadbacks there is

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suppuration of the wound. From some of the representations on this sub-

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Case I. — Mrs. H., ietat 37, a European woman, the mother of

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eight dozen towels and some flannel shirts for men who have only rotten

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and worse. Indigestion was my main trouble. My kidneys and bladder were

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It happened that an article advocating the use of Oriental medicines

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fiyished; cephialalgia^ tongue white, ^hining, moist; appetite moderate;

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on the outside of each earthen crock the year, month and day in which it

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after knowledge, or contract the limits of their usefulness. Medical books

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highest degree improbable, we would not say impossible. — Ed.'\

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environments and the surrounding conditions of t'he Caucasians

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ployed an American physician, and commenced the usual treatment given by

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Li Po Tai was a great physician because he was original and unhack-

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geon in the U. S. army, and on duty in this city at that time.

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