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40652. Crystal Models, Cardboard, Vrba. These models are of the large lecture table size, i.e., 16 to 25 cm.

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firm and shining. The lung was here so firmly bound dp.wn that (l must

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1. Tabes dorsalis and general paresis are true syphilitic

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during that time and have treated with doctors from one end of the continent

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'been shown that its cures are permanent, the one thing that people have

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organs of animal life continuing in more or less undisturbed possession of

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47812, Syringe in metal case with two steel needles 3.00

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Catholicism and we shall be terrorized. The other 23

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perinaeum, when they ceased- to press, though they continued almost con-

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more then a thousand volumes of Vaticanist authors.

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ground in the central tubulation and divided in millimeters - 3.25

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once in three days, are sometimes sufficient. It is sometimes necessary to

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permitting the use of flame of all kinds as used in ordinary laboratory s'ass blowing. The use

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of the body through the skin. If the poison returns to the skin it soon dis-

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those that have not gone too far is certainly a blessing to mankind. ;

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23768. Briquette Moulds, improved form, for shaping sections automati<-;ill\' wil.hniit rapping:, .-According

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upper layers are removed. His treatment is to soften the corn

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and now he can stand without assistance, and make a few steps without

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At his entrance into the hospital of Utrecht, M. Schroeder describes him

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