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Nytol And Alcohol Effects


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right ear painful to the touch ;' the purulent discharge acquired ti better

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ating in oil and the machine is noiseless in operation. With an enamelled sieve of 200 mm diame-

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his first trouble much worse. If he takes a cold when the atmosphere is

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in his life and character was " a liberal and difiusive benevo-

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Dr. George H. Coffin, B.U.S.M. 1903, is night admitting physician at

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impossible to explain away this fact, which is proved by the testimony of many

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24444. Chart, as .■i.bovo, mounted on linen with wooden rollers 2..'>0

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chronic or acute inflammation ; proceeding finally' like exostoses, accom-

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insulation of the string, in doing which, he says, " I received about a dozen

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23d, the size of the tents was gradually increased, and these occasioned an

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Combustion Furnace, Heraeus, Type B, exactly same as No. 29032 but with tube 30 mm inside diameter

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Support, Large Universal, for physiological use with all adjustments, 55 cm high

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Finish — Main parts, including body tube, in alcohol proof black. Adjustment heads in yellow lacquer

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pure he will have only a light sickness, but if there is much malaria in the

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no swelling was fek in any region. The patient was, however, emaciated

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time he was able to walk about to some extent. When seen

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fulfilling this indication is, undoubtedly, to reduce the quantity of aliment ;

nytol and alcohol effects

Francis Cunningham, tetat. 52, fireman in a gas-work, pro-

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