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Li Po Tai was his last resort, and he would have to die if he could not or

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monochromatic light of wavelengths as indicated below are available.

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The two cases, however, differ materially. In that of M. Lutens as well as

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surgery to the respectful consideration of American scientific surgeons. The

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electricity ? Dr. De Butts was guilty of a great oversight when he mistook

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26844. Galvanometer, Demonstration, with moving coil {Deprez d'Arsonval) system,

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the right sub-maxillary gland. Tliere is no enlaigement under the zygp^

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Sir J. Simpson "f has largely helped to throw light on this

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ington city,* with an appendix in reference to certain observations on the

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funnel is distinctly superior to No. 28616 in that funnels of the sa

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semen every night. Antiphlogistic remedies, and subsequently tonics, were

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be discharged, but nothing resembling the matters contained in the intes-

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virus, and free acupuncturation, are sufficiently mild in their effects, and

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24440. Chart, Periodic Arrangement of the Elements, Mendelejeff, latest arrangement by Baskervilie,

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In all conditions affecting this region a pelvic examination

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New growths of the liver including telangiectasis, cirrhosis

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centuries, no one has hitherto seemed to claim for it the pro-

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