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Kange 100° C, 150" C. 200° C. .360*^ C. 212° F. 300° F. 400° F. 600° F.

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or care during and after child-birth. All of these causes, and others, are

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etc) having refractive indices varying from nD=I.47 to ni, = 1.74; in-

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Dr. Foo then remarked: "The Chinese call these colleges Ti Tee Yun,

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these facts can be exactly compared with the results of direct experiment,

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limb was in a state of tumefaction, which made me fear th^ absolute con-

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From the Author, — Thoughts on Medieal Edbcation in America. An

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while at work, which was very soon followed by the shaking

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clavicle, in order to separate some scirrhous granulations, was followed by

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Microtome, Hand. Bausch & Lomb. This convenient little microtome is carefully made and neatly

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23rd November, 1878, and Dr. Cameron now determined to

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23764. Extra Clamp for Briquette Mould No. 23760 30

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45036. Special Condenser System for opaque projection, in the Bausch & Lomb patented vetitilated mount:

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of a few red spots on the surface of the brain. The cerebellum seemed full

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pentine, and then, by testing, to find with which the matter had most

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ledged authority is of questionable latitude, viz., ." not to administer ergot

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the six agents of the five vital organs. When either of the five vital orgaus

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in giving publicity to the case fully merit the thanks of the profession. The

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traversetl it in all directions ^obliterated, blood-vessels) ; two or three jvere

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that which I have advocated, to which Dr. Physick made the following

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yoiiDgeT, who refers en pcisscmt to his father's experiments, (Joam. Hebd.

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pursued by international justice and is connected to

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the operation performed by Dr. Physick for the accomplishment of his

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uterus. He supports this opinion by a large number of cases,

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