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23632. Gas Pressure Regulator, for above, with extra valve and case.

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furnished with reading microscope "M", with micrometer scale on the ocular, with which the fall of the

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closeness and compactness of structure, as a moibid production, to the natu-

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of trachea, was instantly blown out with considerable force, arid to some

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29th. The inflammation of the knee has diminished ; the skin heie iis

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was this poisonous plant. 1 left him, only directiiig him to beep cool, and

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contracted pupils. Her breath was distinctly alcoholic in

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Furnace, Electric, Hoskins Crucible Type FA, for operation between a minimum of 316° C and a maxi-

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?At7L F. Etg, M. D., Professor of durffery in the Medical Collf g« m

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what the Vatican and her Catholic Churches really are.

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and the external wound, no longer kept open by the discharges, closes, an^l

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Object Clamp, for Rotary Microtomes, to replace embedding disc. With closed back and open sides.

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but in this case c^ri^s appears to be coqstant; the symptoms indicating its

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12th. — Slept well; expression gay; appetite improved; thirst less; less

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This John Anderson was a most extraordinary man, and,

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balls and other foreign bodies. But it is not good practice to make these at

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