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whole adjustable for height on a grooved vertical standardand provided with setscrew; will accommodate objects of widely

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dying patch can pass directly into the blood stream.

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No. 26720 for D. C. No. 2(i-2S for A. C. ,, . . N»- 2S73G

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Clamp, Mohr's Pinchcock, for rubl>er tubing, same as No. 24662, but with automatic catch to hold

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comprehend that the Vatican Mafia and its gangsters

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major, and that the enlargement of the superficial veins arose from an

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Then Dr. Mayo called attention to the serums made from

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minutes of the injection, should be employed. Decomposed

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alcoholic coma having dilated pupils, to my astonishment, on

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vation in his laboratory. The results of his treatment are convincing evi-

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larly infected animal carcasses and similar material. The arrangement of the combustion cham-

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in Brazil, speaKs of a niethod! of treating caqcer adopted by Ine native phy-

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and was very popular. In 180-i he went to London, where he

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AVoIlny Special Thermometer, with butter and lard scales, with screw

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apjilii'il fnr), I'l.r ropi'uti'ii lielivcrv of definite quantities.

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IIIAA, .4rc Lamp No. 3284S as shown in illustration, with rheostat for 110 volts and 50 carbons.

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and in like manner our duties and responsibilities vary with the changing

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you ought to have lived about five hundred years ago.

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