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1 La Laocette Fran^aise, No. 33, 1838, and London Lancet, March 31, 183a

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into their composition. In man, the tubuli, during their divergence from

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N. A. type has the advantage of greater resolving power.

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ployment of salvarsan and neo-salvarsan, with or without

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effect, or only two or three different effects. If the physician does not un-

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Dr. Macewex — The Diagnosis of Alcoholic Coma. 13

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cylinder, uniform pressure is exerted at the cylinder cover and the cylinder, thus insuring an

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Council of Evangelical Churches of the Union, of the

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verted into a fibrous tissue, which slightly grated under the knife, but the

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nese rice and the best tea for our patients, a brand which help the appetite

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juillel 1908. The minimum radio-activity measurable in solids, taking Oxide of tJranium as unitj-,

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but not with complete relief. This case will be referred to heireafter.

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of the editors of the London Cyclopedia of Practici|l Medicine, with the

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abdominal cavity, along the line of the external iliac artery, as far as its

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may be cut away and the bulb .may be placed in the ground, where it will

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40560. Petrographical Objective, 0.95 N. .V., 4.5 mm E. F ...,,..'!! .^ ' ^ 8^00

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the method, he did not know whether it could be applied in

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sels of the surface. The veins of the abdomen, which pass downwards to

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manufacturer's price list. Chemicals not in stock are secured promptly and economically from specified or best

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sl^ould be.edited by a member of a sister profession. That surprise will

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Vatican's Inquisition andits massacres in the twentieth

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Pyrometers, Thwing, Recording Radiation, as above, with two record recorder 245.00

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By Robley Dunglison, M. D., M. A. P. S., Professor of the Institutes of

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averting the consequences of the more common external and

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again brought together as before. It healed throughout by adhesion, and

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The Bearings of Chronic Disease of the Heart upon Pregnancy, Par-

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tations, it is not practical to carry the goods in duty paid stock and our experience indicates that

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flicted with old, chronic diseases, which were very difficult to cure, and I

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