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Accommodations Near Sleeping Giant Provincial Park


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thin and transparent layer containing only a few dark fibres, which pass

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sion and the community had experienced in the death of the illustrious

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more remarkable, that during the whole course of the malady no symptoms

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top. Adjustable for both gas and air and can be used with any kind of gas.

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that, after the primary effects of alcohol have passed off, there,

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Flasks, Whitall Tatum "Nonsol" Glass, flat bottom, with vial mouth. Very insoluble in water,

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may be used, but great caution must be observed. Sometimes dried fruits,

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preceptors — duties of public teachers — their influence — attainment of a de-

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The introduction of a saline fluid into another vein, which he also recom-

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complete and lucid accounts of the methods used in the

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permitting inspection of the chamber without opening the door and cooling the incubating

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points of the medical diseases affecting this region. They are

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of anxiety. . On applying the stethoscope to the chest we found that all the

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may be used two or three times daily in very warm weather, only a small

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because both Merck and Kahlbaum omit entirely the use of the designation c.p.

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vegetables, the best Chinese rice, snow sugar and a fine quality of tea, and

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unite, is a long one-^one in which a great and long-siistained effort is made^

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■^BWtodow open. Slept with her head elevated. , Legs have been swollen

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of a physician. The art of healing, as far as its development

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Roman legions and terrorists disguised as Christians.

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means of a condenser lens. With this source of light the slit should as a rule be reduced to a width of

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to reduce the hernia proving unavailing, he was sent to the

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A Prize Essay by Dr. Friedrich Esmarch, Professor of Surgery

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asked if he wishes for them, and if he does, he may try them) they. will

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Anatomy, physiology, chemistry and all the great foun-

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of selling herbs, which was not in violation of any law. As the courts did

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uniform character of her previous parturitions ; but favourably as they had

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vestigations into the principles underlying this method of

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bougies (the largest being four sizes larger than is supplied in

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Gentlemen: The first that I knew about Dr. Foo's skill was in a case) of

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and stocks and bonds of every kind possessed in the

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due not so much to excessive deposit, as to irregular distribu-

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patient, after, sufferitig the extreme of human agony for an indefiorite period,

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but there is no objectioD, that I am aware of, to the ^pplicatioii of leeches,

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with them at once recognizes their value. They appeal to common sense and

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a writer of such knowledge and influence as Havelock Ellis

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nishcd with glass foot and ground fiange or lip at the top, providing a broader su;

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