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views and manner of teaching of one who was not a liltle'distiogaished as

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both forms of the disease, but is most marked in the smooth

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Thorax. — No adhesion of the two surfaces of the pleura ; no effusion ;

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symptoms in Erb's disease. Moreover, the history of the case

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we are quite convinced their controversial spirit will greatly detract from

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temper, with a disposition to flushing of the head, face, and neck, with more

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case as would have required opening the windpipe, had the

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IS furnished with objei;ti\'es of two fucii and prices do not include any support. The magnify-

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of red blood corpuscles, lymphocytes, and pigments. Here the

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D, Glazed Quartz Combustion Tube, f inch bore and 2 feet long.

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a smell like that aiising from putrid meat. ^ Till within the last few months

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Looking upon the question, I see, in fact, — First, by direct experiment,

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Label Book, containing the names and formulae of the most used chemicals and reagents.

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was about 6 inches in diameter. At two or three spots on

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