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Coats' remarks in regard to having found, in Addison's disease,

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Accessories for Water Interferometer. Duly Free Stock

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are assured. These are supplied in tubes containing six tablets each, Instructions for making solutions are

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Forceps, Blowpiping, French form, 5\ inches long, t

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origins and are frequently complicated by a number of disturbances. To de-

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It was curious to note that while the tube was in the glottis

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surface. Its limits could not be ascertained accurately towards the cheek

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' .")i ) for whole percents and from 50-85 for half percents of dry substances.

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effects of tapping were very marked. Dr. George Buchanan

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time, a pill containing a grain of calomel, and the same quantity of opium.

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William Sneddon, M.D., Beith : — Supplementary Paper on Super-

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hurried, laborious, about 50 per minute; pulse 120, frequent, rather small.

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closely related to him. He was generous and free with his money, yet he

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short and frequent, of a laryngeal character; distressing the

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Washing Bottle, for volatile liquids, with ground in glass stopper.

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markedly anaesthetic, the hemianassthesia corresponding to

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a probe could be' passed ilEito them. An imperfect, almost cartilaginous,

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lens of crown glass. Nos. 16s... li^T.i, H'lU.i. Ui-3.( i.i>' iin..nil- d liri i.^i iw ii,,-..>rri ini^ ii.K-roscopes

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44344. Polariscope, exactly same as No. 44336, but tm trestle support, and without case.

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observing minutely the progress of the symptoms, as they occurred, through-

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or severe form. The herbal treatment is the best, because it not only expels

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left; but in the incision along the anterior border of the tumour I did not

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respiration extends to the middle of the chest. It is rude below this. In

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The existing double dislocation was reduced after a little

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transversely, and a large ragged laceration of the liver packed

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ventilating tube. Individual supports are furnished extra if desired,

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direct experiments relating to the entrance of air into the veins. It is not

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being continuously shown by a pointer. Readings can be made at points distant from the calorimeter

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cated directly, from mouth to mouth, to a number of children

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she called on me, bringing with her J. B., aged 15, a weaver,

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Joseph Coats, M.D., Pathologist to the Western Infirmaiy, Glas-

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thought I would not live very long. Very truly yours,

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Dr. Finlayson has, we think, done wisely in inserting the

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