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watt nitrogen filled Mazda lamp w il li i''. ■ i ■ i .■ 'lif instead of regular hand filled arc lamp, 35.00

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simply out of curiosity, to see him, and was greatly surprised when he placed

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tion of the problem; but it is, nevertheless, an interesting philosophical

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system and also allaying the inflammation which is present in nearly all cases

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siccse. No. YI. epigastric. The application of the cups was followed by a

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degrees for three days At the end of this time Dr. Foo came to San Bernar-

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Dr. Buchanan's successor in the chair was Dr. William

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portable; face cedematous; mouth slightly turned to the right; commence-

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you read it, you'll see that his scholastic mysticism

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sort which had been recommended to me as one of the finest sanitariums in

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ei^^hth year, was now subject to weekly attacks, and had tried various remedies

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the blades as that one of them should pass before and the other behind the

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organ than from its side. If we reflect upon the relief afforded in this case,

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Glass Case, with Base Board, for use on instruments with trestle support. See illustration page 431.

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Brush, of black bristle, 12 inches long. For cleaning cylinders, beakers, etc 25

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inner region of the arm. A great amelioration followed this change of

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tion takes place, which is very infrequent. This condition is

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identified with all that pertained to the welfare of the place;

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46156. Rubber Gloves, ol !ic;tv\' white rubber, so-called "acid gloves." Gloves measure 8^ inches from tip

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cated at the Imperial Medical College at Peking. When he was only a little

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snoring and wheezing rales were occasionally heard. The

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in the case. The effusion into the knee joints took place on

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used as volt and ammeters reading from to 250 volts and from to 50 amperes and, in addition, they

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epitome of a case of phthisis pulmonalis, No. 1; Since that note wad taken

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I get a bad cold occasionally, as most people do, and instead of taking

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acquainted with the circumstances of her recent severe illness and hereby cer-

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many about bad acts. They were divided into small, medium and

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study of what Christianity is and what Catholicism is.

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The results of gall stone operations are very satisfactory

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within (he limils of 10 and 50 meter candles in steps of 10. See Journ. /. Gas-

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foldings. Suited for paper of all kinds, i.e., printing, writing, wrapping papers, etc. As fur-

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