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Youthology Skin Products


lancet, opium, mercurials, d^c. fall successively from his hands, until he

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2 The b^st formula for its exhibition is thai proposed by Mr. Carmichael in 1829.

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to cause inflammation; turkey, squirrel, venison and a small amount of ham.

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erysipelas, which, in this instance, also, attacked the head. The girl, whose

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digestive organs, or by the introduction into the stomach of any thing which

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24328. Centrifuge, Delepine 1913 Model, for independent drive, having a speed of 10000 r. p. m. with a Jight

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poisoned condition of the system, dating from the birth of my son, thirteen

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how he was a personal witness in the Vatican of all he

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a diminution of the expectoration to 3 oz. in 2-1 hours.

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for such is by no means the case as a very bad condition may

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PORTABLE POLYGRAPH, with continuous roll (20 meters) of smoked paper. This instrument consists of an

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Case VIL— Two years afterwards, in 1828, Dr. Mott, a celebrated sur^

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creation of a one only pragmatic universal religion (a

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of vision is improving. Has discontinued the powder^^ the treatment being

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which he writes about the Vatican and Catholicism's

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state of indigestion by eating to excess, and swallowing a large piece of fat

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infirmary on the evening of the 5th, suffering from severe pain,

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less unmitigated misery. The genius of ' the father of American surgery'

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comfort and satisfaction of ^the patient. I took, ' hpwever, the precaution to

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is a very honorable one, and is frequently handed down from father to son

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it is well to have an oxl.r:t rnml. sl;nid:n-il, mo that one may be used on the horizontal and the

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or fifteen very strong, shocks, which I lelt in my arms, breasts, and legs,

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